Heart of the Tango – Paloma & Maximiliano

February 14, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
490 Sperling Ave
Burnaby, BC V5B 4H4
Monica & Gigi
604 312-1488

Heart of the Tango


Paloma Berrios & Maximiliano Alvarado

*brought to you by Gigi (Tango Burnaby) & Monica (Libertango)

Valentine Opening Night with . . . .

  • a weekend with three fabulous workshops under the guidance of Paloma and Maximiliano
  • chocolate fountain
  • wine
  • door prizesMILONGA: Wed Feb 14, 9pm-midnight $15 / Location – Lochdale Hall, 490 Sperling Ave. Burnaby

Wed Feb 14 • 7:30-9pm / Lochdale Hall before the milonga:
1. Technique for both roles: vertical disociation and spiral sensation. Rotation and control in ochos and turns
Sat Feb 17 / 202-927 Granville St:
Turns and sacadas in open embrace. Complex and simple / 2:15-3:45pm

3. Milonga Class / 4-5:30pm

EARLY BIRD price before Sun, Feb 11, 2018:
• FULL package: $100.00/person ( all classes + milonga )
• $30/person $50/couple / class
• DROP IN: $35/person (no couple discount)

HOSTS: Monica & Gigi.


To register or book PRIVATE LESSONS call: 604 312-1488 or email: tangoburnaby@gmail.com

About Paloma and Maximiliano:
With 20 years’ experience in Stage & Salon tango, Paloma and Maximiliano inspire students to love tango, promoting connection and improvisation. They have competed, taught & performed
around the world, winning numerous World Championships.
More info here: www.palomaymaximiliano.com

The location of this event is quite far for many of us.
It will be Valentine’s Day and a beautiful night of tango, and it should be enjoyed as such. 
I have the most fortunate opportunity to book LIMOUSINE SERVICE  to and from the venue for all interested.
The cars may be of 10, 12 or 20 seats (or more) and they can make 2 – 3 stops to pick up. Same for the end of night. The cost for each person will be between 10 and 15 one way. I do not have the exact amount, but it wouldnot be more. I understand they charge by the hour and they will give us a most reasonable price. 
Valentine Milonga Limousine
If you are interested, please talk among each other and write to me or call / text (better text) me:
cell:    604 809 3410
You only need to be a group of 2-4 people in one place, so that the car won’t make more than 3 stops in one go.
If there is interest, I can go back to them and give you more precise information.
Don’t let the distance or the weather spoil your plans for an awesome Valentine’s Day!