Hugo Patyn & Celina Rotundo, Tango Workshops & Gala - Vancouver 2018

Hugo Patyn & Celina Rotundo – Workshops & Gala

Hugo Patyn & Celina Rotundo

Gabriela Rojo proudly presents Masters of Tango Argentino coming to Vancouver

August 11, 2018 : Tango Gala
August 12 to 15: Workshops
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Masters of Tango Argentino

HUGO PATYN & CELINA ROTUNDO will be in Vancouver in charge of a busy tango weekend where Tango enthusiasts will be able to enjoy their mastery in an Evening Gala as well as their highly acclaimed workshops.

H​ugo ​P​atyn and Celina Rotundo ​a​re ​A​rgentine ​T​ango ​dancers, ​masters, ​a​nd ​choreographers who ​d​azzle ​t​he ​w​orld, ​b​oth ​o​n ​s​tage ​and ​i​n ​e​very ​c​lass ​o​r ​w​orkshop ​t​hey ​t​each.

They ​p​ossess ​a​n ​e​specially ​p​articular ​c​onnection ​a​nd ​s​tyle, ​m​aking ​them ​f​irst ​c​lass ​d​ancers with ​a​n ​e​xtensive ​d​ance ​b​ackground. ​T​hey ​have ​d​anced ​i​n ​d​iverse ​p​laces ​around ​t​he ​w​orld, presenting ​challenging, ​i​ntense ​a​nd ​s​ensual ​c​horeographies ​w​ith ​​history. As ​instructors, ​t​hey ​h​ave ​i​nitiated ​a​nd ​i​nspired ​h​undreds ​o​f ​s​tudents ​around the ​w​orld.

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Saturday, August 11, 2018 at the Ukranian Holy Trinity (154 East 10th St., Vancouver, BC) off Main Street
Parking: Behind and in front of the Church
8:00pm: Doors open
9:00pm: Milonga (social dance) with D.J. Jorge Olguin
10:00pm: Performace by Tango Masters Hugo Patyn and Celina Rotundo
The Milonga will resume after the performance until doors close.
Bar service and delicious empanadas

Location: The Russian Hall 600 Campbell Ave –  Vancouver, BC


Sun, Aug 12 – 2:00-3:15 – Advanced level
The Ultimate in close embrace for Milonguero Style Rhythm work
– Share axis in a close embrace
– Physical training for leaders/ followers thru individual/partner exercises.
– Students will have the opportunity to request what they desire to work on and ask questions in a class setting.

Sun, Aug 12 – 3:30-4:45 – Intermediate level
D’arienzo Style, making your dance sharp, dynamic and stylish.
– Turns with embellishment
– Sacadas
– Interpretation and understanding of the up/down bits with different orchestras.

Mon, Aug 13 – 7:00-8:15 – General instruction for Beginners
– Introduction to Cross System
– Introduction to Close Embrace
– Introduction to Turns
– How to dance into a crowded Milonga using simple moves
– Introduction to Milonga Rhythm
– Introduction to Vals Rhythm

~ VALS ~

Tue, Aug 14 – 7:00-8:15 – Intermediate and Advanced levels
– Circular Moves with embellishment in syncopation rhythms
– Complex Close embrace figures with embellishment


Tue, Aug 14 – 8:30-9:45 – Intermediate and Advanced levels
– Ochos into Milonga Traspie
– Change of Dynamic with embellishment for Her and Him

Gala, Sat Aug 11, Doors open at 8pm :  $35 (Advance)   $40 (Door)

1 – $40     2 – $75      3 – $110     4 – $145     5 – $180

Private classes:  Available Mon 13 though Wed 15 from noon to 6:45pm. For bookings please contact Gabriela at 604.684.4225

Private lessons are for  1 or 2 people  (1 hour). They are taught by one of the masters – either Celina or Hugo – so you can share the cost
1 clase: US$100 + Studio Fee
3 clases: US$270 + Studio Fee
5 Clases: US$400 + Studio Fee

Privates with both teachers together:
1 clase: US$130 + Studio Fee
3 clases: US$330 + Studio Fee
5 Clases: US$500 + Studio Fee

We would  like to accommodate everyone. You can share your  privates –  They really  make it that  way so you can take a private

Workshops  and  Privates  at the Russian Hall 600 Campbell  Ave, Vancouver, BC

Call me ahead of time to reserve for privates it is very important that you let me know to get the time as I already have some reserved.

 Reserve your tables.