Maximiliano Cristiani & Karina Colmeiro - Tango Workshops

Maximiliano Cristiani & Karina Colmeiro – Tango Workshops

Maximiliano Cristiani & Karina Colmeiro

Special Event: Workshops, Milongas and Exhibitions

Thursday Nov 24 to Sunday Nov 26

Argentine Tango Workshops, Gala & Exhibition

Argentine Tango Platinum Workshops
This special set of workshops are designed for Argentine Tango aficionados who want to deepen the quality of the dance and to reach an optimal level of comfort within the embrace.
With focus on the fundamental structure of Argentine Tango, Maxi and Karina will share their system and techniques related to posture, balance, embrace, walk and pivots, for both leaders and followers, and for couples. In additional to dance sequences, they will also demonstrate that tango-connection and close-embrace are not synonymous with limitation.
The goal is for all participants to gain knowledge and control of their bodies and movements in order to dance with greater freedom, flexibility and fluidity.

Workshops Description

W1 – Milonguero System (Int / Adv) – rhythmic music v.s. melodic music; Milonguero style v.s. Tango Salon; distinct figures for different musicality.
W2 – Full Connection (Int / Adv)- Linear sequences for social dancing, keeping the connection, mixing alternating linear sequences with turning in close embrace; demonstrate that tango-connection and close-embrace are not synonymous with limitation
W3F – Follower Techniques (No partner required)- Recognition of the Axis as balance with the right muscular tension, the use of the floor for coordination of movements;Pivots – the relationship of the torso and the hip in the movement; Spirals – the coordination between spirals and displacements; Musical interpretation and adaptation of the movement to the music
W3L – Leader Techniques (No partner required) – Posture, Walks (different styles) and dissociation;Knowledge of the Axis, Pivots;Use of the body to enhance the balance for the couple;Techniques and exercise for sacadas and enrosque
W4 – Takes Two to Tango (Intermediate) – Exercise in Walk & Embrace in different tango styles to achieve optimal connection between couple; Front and back ochos in close embrace; medio giro milonguero; medio giro de tres, medialuna
W5 – Girando (Adv) – Working in couples with step by step analysis, explore the best balance in back-ocho while turning; Exercise to build muscle memory to enhance our ability to maintain the connection while turning; Timing for Giro for Leader in making sacadas, ganchos, barridas; timing for Giro for Follower around leader in enrosques
W6 – Sequences for Social Dance (Adv) – Sequences for social dance to suit different orchestras; Examine traditional figures for social dancing in tight space, as well as more complex patterns with open embrace for large dance floor.


Friday November 24, 2017
Location: St Michael – 2474 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver
7:00pm – 8:25pm Workshop W1 Milonguero System
8:35pm – 10:00pm Workshop W2 Full Connection

Saturday November 25, 2017
Location: St. Mary – 3150 Ash Street, Vancouver
2:00pm – 3:25pm Workshop W3F / W3L Techniques
3:35pm – 5:00pm Workshop W4 Takes Two to Tango
8:00pm – 12:00am La Milonga Tipica Gala & Show

Sunday November 26, 2017
Location: St. Michael – 2474 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver
2:00pm – 3:25pm Workshop W5 Girando
3:35pm – 5:00pm Workshop W6 Sequences for Social Dance

W1 $45
Pre-registration L+F, no drop in.
Max 20 people (10L, 10F)

W2 $45
Pre-registration L+F, no drop in.
Max 20 people (10L, 10F)

W3F/L $40
Drop in welcome

W4 $40
Drop in welcome

W5 $45
Pre-registration L+F, no drop in.
Max 20 people (10L, 10F)

W6 $45
Pre-registration L+F, no drop in.
Max 20 people (10L, 10F)

Special Rate: $225 for all 6 workshops; pre-registration with L+F required.

Saturday Gala
$25 per person

($20 for students with valid ID or workshop participants of 2 or more workshops).

Inquires and Registration
Please email, Paypal, E-transfer or Cash Accepted

Private Lessons available for limited time. Kindly contact Joanna at 604 671 4363 for schedule.

MAXIMILIANO CRISTIANI is the Tango de Pista World Champion 2013. In prior years, he has won many awards: 2005 Metropolitan Vice-Champion, 2008 Tango Escenario World Vice-Champion, 2012 Buenos Aires Tango Salon Champion, 2012 Milonga Champion, 2012 World Tango Vice-Champion. He also took part in many successful tango shows in Buenos Aires. Maxi has studied with the greatest maestros of Tango Salon: Osvaldo Zotto, Gerardo Portalea, Carlitos & Rosa Perez, Pupy Castello, Orlando Paiva, Gloria & Eduardo Arquimbau, Eduardo Parejita, Chino Perico and other legendary masters. He is well known for his teaching methods and has educated hundreds of tango dancers.

KARINA COLMEIRO is renowned for the high sensibility of her dance and for the quality of her teaching. With ballet and contemporary dance background, she studied at the National School of Dance and then at the Teatro San Martin in Buenos Aires. Karina danced and taught tango around the world through South America, North America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. She has participated in numerous Tango Festivals and worked with different partners like Horacio Godoy. Karina also choreograph shows in Buenos Aires and in others countries. Karina has been part of numerous Dance Companies in Argentina and Europe.