Ivan Terrazas and Sara Grdan – Tango Workshops

Ivan Terrazas and Sara Grdan

Special Event: Tango Workshops, Milongas and Exhibitions

Workshops on Nov 3 to Nov 5, Gala with exhibition on Sat Nov 4
Co-hosted by StevenJoannaTango and Monica Monty.

Remembranzas: Argentine tango past & present – bridging the gap together

Thursday November 2, 2017

Location: St. Mary – 3150 Ash Street, Vancouver
7:00pm – 8:15pm Workshop W1– Energy Management: Hips and upper torso: how to manage energy walking and turning.
8:30pm – 11:30am La Milonga Tipica – C$10 per person ($5 for students with valid ID or W1 workshop participants).

Friday November 3, 2017

Location: St Michael – 2474 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver
8:00pm – 9:15pm Workshop W2 – Social Dancing: How to structure a song for social dancing for leaders and followers.
9:30pm – 10:45pm Workshop W3 – Improvisation and Creativity: Rhythmic followers, melodic leaders: connect to your partner through the music.

Saturday November 4, 2017

Location: St Michael – 2474 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver
1:00pm – 2:15pm Workshop W4 – Energy Management: Ranges of energy for slow, fast, smooth and sharp: using energy as a dimmer switch has never been so much fun.
2:30pm – 3:45pm Workshop W5 – Social Dancing: Variations for leaders and followers.
8:00pm – 12:00am La Milonga Tipica Gala & Show – C$25 per person ($15 for students with valid ID or workshop participants of 3 or more workshops)

Sunday November 5, 2017

Location: St. Michael – 2474 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver
3:15pm – 4:30pm Workshop W6 – Advance Improvisation and Creativity: Adornos for leaders and followers, keeping the connection, the when and how.

Workshops Pricing
Workshop CDN$40 per person per workshop.
All 6 workshops C$210 Pre-registration only.

Paypal, E-transfer or Cash Accepted

Inquires and Registration
Please email us at stevenjoannatango@gmail.com
Or call Joanna at 604 671 4363

Private Lessons available for limited time.
Kindly contact Monica Monty at 604 809 3410 for schedule.

Ivan and Sara met in New York City and have dedicated themselves with passion and intensity to Argentine Tango. Trained primarily by Diego DiFalco, Pablo Pugliese and Natalia Hills, and also drawing from many other influences, such as Jorge Torres, Roberto Herrera, Guillermina Quiroga, Gabriel Misse, Carlitos Perez and Raul Bravo, together they are among the youngest and most recognized teachers and performers in the world of Argentine Tango.

After living for 7 years in United States and Argentina, Ivan and Sara are currently based in Europe and, in addition to being members of the prestigious company ‘Tangueros del Sur’ directed by Natalia Hills, they have recently performed with ‘Tangox2’ and ‘Miguel Zotto in Concert’ directed by Miguel Angel Zotto, ‘Obsesion Tango’ directed by Tamara Bisceglia, and ‘Compania Roberto Herrera’ directed by Roberto Herrera.

In addition to their theatre credentials, Ivan and Sara are festival and workshop favorites, and have participated, among others, at the Belgrade Tango Encuentro, Sultans Tango Festival in Istanbul, Perugia Tango Festival, and Puerto Rico International Tango Festival. Their latest project involves creating a curriculum for the online tango video instruction giant Tangomeet. Ivan and Sara’s online teaching videos appeared in the spring of 2016.